April 24, 2014
Last Call!

Louise Peabody, Gathering

Make sure you head over to the Alumnae House tomorrow Thursday, April 24th check out the final viewing of Louise Peabody’s exhibition “Gatherings”! On view from 8:30 a.m- 4:30 p.m. The exhibition features “large, crowded compositions of noisy, glass clinking, costume wearing revelers, and landscapes.” (Smith E-Digest)

Open to the public!

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April 24, 2014
"We Put Our Bodies at the Gate: Environmental Activism and Nuclear Power."

Interested in environmental activism and art? Visit the Nolan Art Lounge now through May 2 to see the exhibit “We Put Our Bodies at the Gate: Environmental Activism and Nuclear Power.” Signs and artwork are on display from the protest at the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant are on display. For all those Smithies who love protests and civil disobedience, you definitely do not want to miss this!

April 17, 2014
It’s rad.

What’s rad you ask?
Have you peeked in Janotta Gallery recently? 
That’s what’s rad.
The second installation of the senior art exhibition projects is up and running. TONIGHT is the exhibition’s opening, from 7-9, featuring work by Stephanie Garland, Samantha Metivier, Izabel Nielsen, and Claire Riordan. 
Stop by for some food and some arty inspiration!


April 17, 2014
Miss out on the Riva Lehrer lecture??

This past Tuesday, artist Riva Lehrer spoke with students from the SWG and art departments and members of the disabled community at Smith. Riva teaches at the Art Institute of Chicago and Northwestern University as both an artist and an anatomy professor. Riva’s work includes self-portraits as well as portraits of fellow scholars, artists, and activists, many of whom have visible disabilities. Riva discussed her experiences as a disabled artist and how she seeks to find beauty in life. She distinguishes between “simple” or superficial beauty, and “informed” beauty, where the viewer knows and understands the other person and their senses are changed by love - something interesting to consider when you’re with your friends, family, and or significant other.

April 15, 2014
Tryon Prize for Writing & Art

Image: Proeber, David, American (20th century). Boom Town Gamblers, Enid, Oklahoma,198. Photograph, gelatin silver print. Amherst College

Looking to win some money for your work at Smith? Apply by Friday May 2nd @ noon for the Tryon Prize!

For writing, "A jury awards monetary prizes for writing related to art seen at the Smith College Museum of Art. Writing may take any form including an essay, poetry or thesis. Jurors seek insight and scholarship.”


For art, "A jury awards monetary prizes for installation, performance, video, sound, digital, internet and interactive art. (Non-digital photography is not eligible.) Jurors seek a high level of artistic expression and presentation.”


Good Luck!

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April 14, 2014

Image: Strater, Henry. American (1896-1987). Standing Nude. Drawing. Smith College

If you stopped by Davis Ballroom Friday April 11, you were sure to be surrounded by a slew of body positive images. That’s right, Smith College’s very own PRISM org hosted its annual art exhibition known as SexhibitionPieces on exhibit came directly from Smith students—artists and participants! As PRISM expressed on its group page: 

“In the past couple of years, PRISM has strived to turn Sexhibition into an anti oppressive space, centering marginalized identities. We hope to continue working towards that ideal for this years exhibit.”

And they definitely succeeded!

April 11, 2014
Dear Northampton weather gods,

Image: Kimball, Justin,American (1961- ).Phoenix, Arizona. 1997. Photograph. Amherst College

Yesterday, in the midst of papers galore and applications out to wazoo I briefly hoped it would rain so I could curl up like a sly fox and sleep out winter, but then today emerged. It was beautiful but also fickle, and with so many indecisive misting rain clouds above, I think we are all hoping it will stay spring forever. (we’ve got our shorts on, our monocrome cactus outfit in toe, the grill is ready.. yet all is left up to the weather gods!)

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